Hi, my name is Jess. I am a Registered Midwife and Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultant. I have been working with women, babies and families for many years during the perinatal stage of life; a field that I feel so privileged and honoured to work in.

I was born and raised in the south-eastern suburb of McKinnon, Melbourne and knew from an early age that I wanted to develop a career within the unique, extraordinary world of childbearing. I successfully completed my Bachelor of Midwifery at Monash University in 2012 and have worked as a Registered Midwife at a level two public hospital for the last nine years. My scope of practice spans throughout the entire perinatal continuum, from antenatal care to labour and birth, and both the immediate and extended postpartum stages.

Throughout my career, I developed a strong interest in the specific area of breastfeeding support, and subsequently became an Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultant in 2017.

At the same time as extending my qualifications, I also became a mum to my son, and more recently, my daughter. I have experienced two different breastfeeding journeys, encompassing challenges with tongue ties, oversupply, tandem feeding a newborn and toddler and a baby born with birth injuries. I have also adjusted to returning to work whilst still breastfeeding. These personal experiences, along with my in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of breastfeeding, allows me to provide a very specialised service to mothers requiring support and education throughout their own journeys.

My personal interest and hobbies include drinking great coffee, taking walks around the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, spending time with my wonderful family and friends, cooking and listening to podcasts, and of course, keeping up-to-date on all evolving and emerging research in the world of breastfeeding!

Sue is a Registered Nurse/Midwife, childbirth educator and International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant. Sue has had over 20 years’ experience in the maternity field, providing care, education and support within the public hospital system and the greater community.  

Sue lives on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, is a mother to three adult children and about to welcome her first grandchild into the world. Her wealth of experience working with women throughout the perinatal continuum, as well as her own personal breastfeeding journeys, makes her an invaluable addition to the Holistic Lactation Consulting team.

Sue’s interest lies predominantly in breastfeeding support and she holds her role as a Lactation Consultant in the highest esteem. Sue is a truly unique and beautiful soul who assists families during their transition into parenthood with understanding, care and compassion. With a gentle and warm approach to addressing the physical and emotional challenges that breastfeeding can present, Sue provides a goal-oriented support service that greatly benefits the women in her care.


Sue Holland